It might not seem obvious to get a scratch pad for your cat; however, for some feline owners, it may become an indispensable item. Scratch toys can be in the shape of posts, balls, wall plates, or pads. Although it is a simple item for your cat, it may help eliminate many worries.

Most cats have a scratching urge. Cats mark their territory visually and according to their natural territorial instinct. Ensure your cat has a designated scratching pad so she won’t stake her territory on your couch. Since your cat wants to claim these prominent places of your home as her own, placing scratchers is effective.

Fortunately, saving your furniture does not require making a design compromise. Below we are sharing some of the benefits of scratchboards.

A Vigorous Activity

If you have a young kitten in your home, you will definitely notice that they are packed with overwhelming energy. Since they are learning new skills every day, they will attempt to scratch different surfaces to see what they prefer best. Thus, the scratchboard is quite favorable for them to demonstrate their scratching skills.

In addition, your kitten will be able to express its emotions on the cat scratch board when you bring it into the new home environment. Otherwise, it may damage your clothing, furniture, and other valuables.

Furniture Savior

Cats have many natural instincts, scratching is one of them. They have the urge to sharpen their claws and they do it whether you give them a scratchboard toy or not. Thus, to quench their thirst for scratching, cats may select your precious furniture as a scratching object.

If you allow your furry friend to use a scratch board instead, you divert attention by putting a useful object instead of damaging your valuables. But remember that it will not work if you just place the scratchboard in front of your kitty. Instead, you must lure the cat into using the scratchboard whenever it needs to scratch objects. You may put some catnip or a treat on it as bait.

Improves Cat’s Health

Scratching is not a natural habit for humans, but it is for cats. Cats scratch to keep their claws in good shape, and also it helps them to reduce stress. In addition, scratching objects is a good way for them to get some exercise. When a cat has a healthy balance of nutritious food, exercise, and a stress-minimized environment, it will grow to be a wonderful companion with a strong psyche, lush hair, and healthy organism.

Common Point

You can place a scratchpad in an area where you would like to see your cat most of the time. This way, you can enjoy their company, and they can get more attached to you while getting some exercise. If you have more than one kitty in your house, scratch pad placement can mark a location where they can mingle. But be sure to keep an eye on their interactions initially since sometimes this can also lead to conflict.

Guides For Cat’s Playtimes

Even indoor cats enjoy the excitement of the hunt. During playtime, your cat will get more pleasure from play if it closely resembles a pursuit of prey. Whether you make the toy “flee” from your cat or let it get the “kill”, the activity and the mental work will be good for your pet.

The following guides will help your cat’s playtime be more fun and exciting.

    • Choose cat-friendly toys. Every cat has a favorite thing. Follow your cat’s lead if they prefer wand toys but ignore balls.
    • Keep your limbs safe. When they are “hunting,” cats bite out of instinct. Avoid putting your hands or fingers in their mouths, and discourage rough play with kittens. Otherwise, as they develop, playing with them can rapidly become unpleasant.
    • Never hesitate to take breaks. Back off if your cat attacks your hands or feet because it appears overexcited. Once they are a little calmer, return and start playing again.
    • Avoid using lasers. Many cats find it frustrating when they can’t catch a laser. Use wand toys that your cats can catch instead.
    • Play at various times. Your cat will be more active at different times of the day, just like you might prefer the morning or the evening. Find out when your cat likes to play the most by experimenting, and then plan some one-on-one time with your pet to motivate them to move around.
    • Play with every cat you own. If you have several cats, one of them will probably rule the play sessions. Separate your cats if necessary to make sure they all receive care.
    • Stay away from risky gadgets. Do not let your cat play with small, potentially choking materials, such as plastic bags, rubber bands, ribbons, or pointy objects.

Cuddlable Scratch Board

Our Scratch Board is sturdy corrugated cardboard with an added rope mouse pattern that makes it the ideal multipurpose surface for your kitten to hone their scratching abilities. It will definitely keep your cat entertained while keeping them away from your furniture or clothing.

Final Words

Cats love to scratch; it helps them mark their territory and keeps their claws trim. It is quite challenging to completely stop this behavior because it is natural. Cat scratching boards might be useful since they offer a good location to redirect and engage in this behavior.

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