Nowadays, the toy market for cats is staffed with a huge variety, and it becomes very difficult to choose the right product that will fit the behavior of cats and also satisfy the cat’s urge to have fun. Below is the set of guides which will help you in this regard.

Look For Safest Toys

Cat toys can be of many different shapes and sizes and may be manually operated or battery-powered. Some come in a price range, while others are simple. No matter how much the toy looks fancy and costly, we have to consider the aspect of safety first.

In addition, the toys with loose strings and yarns are not suitable for your kitty as they may stick to its throat and can cause choking, which is a serious risk, especially in your absence. Moreover, the cats’ tongues contain some tiny hooks which can draw and catch the strings towards their throats which is surely not desired by us.

Upon reaching the guts of cats, the yarns and strings can cause serious digestive problems and be the deadliest. Soft toys should be machine washed. If a stuffed animal is marketed as being safe for kids under three, it won’t have any potentially harmful fillings.

However, you should still check the label to make sure. Problem fillings include polystyrene beads and nutshells. Rigid toys are also less appealing to cats.

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