Cuddlable Starter Kit


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Our premium Cat Starter Kit was created with your cat’s well-being and nature’s sustainability.

990 in stock

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Keep your furry family member entertained and build a stronger bond with them while enjoying our pet supplies bundle curated by natural materials. These toys are specifically designed to appeal to the natural instincts of your indoor cat.

Items everyone needs & loves.

Made with love and utility in mind.

Sustainable & Organic Materials

Our products are predominantly made from all-natural and sustainable materials making it easy on Mother Earth and your pet.

Invest In Your Cat’s Well-being

All our toys have been created with extensive research data to keep your cat entertained while giving them enough exercise to keep them healthy and happy.

Eco-friendly Design & Packaging

While using natural resources and sustainable energy in the production of our products, we also use recycled materials for all our packaging.

Toxic Chemicals & Allergen Free

We do now use any toxic chemicals in our production and keep our materials allergen-free.

Real Customer Reviews

Rated 4.8 out of 5 based on 72 verified reviews


Rating Stars
Rating Stars

I got this pack as soon as we got our kitten Daisy, she loves to play with the toys and gladly eats/drinks from the bowls.

Anna, Philadelphia

Rating Stars

Really like this bundle, it keeps my cat occupied for hours. A natural material feel to all of the toys is a plus.

Anthony, Miami

Rating Stars

My Prince loves the scratchpad. I also like that the food bowls have rubber on the footing on the bottom so they don’t slide on my tile floor.

Melissa, Los Angeles

Rating Stars

Very cute toys! They came well packaged in a beautiful looking box, which was perfect since this was a gift to a friend who just got a cat.


Rating Stars

The package arrived quickly. I am glad it has pretty much everything I needed to entertain my kitty.


Rating Stars

Everything looks just like in the photos. I am happy with this purchase. Thanks


Rating Stars

My daughter and her new cat Snowball are really getting heavy use from the fishing rod. Seems like they are both having fun.


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